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Trion Man Gives False Name To Deputy

A 35-year-old Trion man was arrested for giving police a false name and public intoxication on Tuesday night, according to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s report.

Thomas Wayne Blackmon Jr., of 33 Cottonwood Drive, was involved in a domestic squabble which led to cops being called. Before the cops arrived, Blackmon walked off and left the area.

“As I arrived in the area, I notice a male subject at Rossville Blvd. and Cedar Street that matched the description from E-911. I stopped to ascertain his name and the subject stated, ‘Marvin Hines.’ I continued on to the residence . . .” Deputy Tony Edwards reported.

After talking with the homeowner, the deputy realized he had received a false name. The cop later found Blackmon at a residence on South Third Street.

” I asked Mr. Blackmon why he had lied to me the first time and he stated that he knew he was going to jail and he didn’t want to go,” Deputy Edwards stated.

He was arrested for giving a false name to law enforcement officers and public intoxication, according to an incident report.

“While enroute to the jail, Mr. Blackmon became very agitated and began being combative by kicking the back window of the patrol unit and both door windows. I asked Mr. Blackmon to calm down several times. Mr. Blackmon at this time began to bang his head against the front of the patrol unit cage which has a metal bar for reinforcement,” Deputy Edwards reported.

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