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Clerk Of Court Offers New Website Subscription To Search Records

The Chattooga County Clerk of Superior Court, Kim Windle James, and real estate vendor, Kofile, are please to announce the recent launching of their search website.  The website will allow users to search real estate documents such as deeds, liens and plats.  As of this date the range is as follows:

Good From – Through Dates
DEED: 1/1/1990 8/20/2019
LIEN: 1/12/2004 8/15/2019
PLAT: 1/8/2004 8/16/2019


There are four options of subscription.  Once you have subscribed you are allowed to print an unlimited amount of images for the duration of your subscription at no additional cost. You may subscribe by going to     

As always, it is an honor to serve as Chattooga County’s Clerk of Superior Court.

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