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“Ralphie” Blamed For Stealing Items

A Summerville scrap metal businessman was concerned that he received some stolen items from a customer on Aug.21, according to a police report.

The business owner called cops to investigate. The investigation led to 46-year-old Terry Byrge, who was living in the woods in a tent off Third Avenue.

Byrge claims he found the scrap metal on the ground and beside the roadway. Cops also spotted methamphetamine inside Byrge’s tent. He told his probation officer that he used meth the day before. While confessing to the meth, Byrge did not exactly claim responsibility for the scrap metal.

“Byrge stated that he helped a subject named ‘Ralphie’ carry some of the items out from a wooded area behind the Dollar Tree. Byrge stated that some of the items came out of a box trailer that was located in the woods behind the Dollar Tree. Byrge stated that he didn’t steal any of the items but did help ‘Ralphie’ get the items from the woods,” Summerville Police Detective Ty Hutchins stated.

Sheriff’s Investigator Jason Burrage was sent to the Dollar Tree area and found a burglarized garage on Farrar Drive, behind the Dollar Tree.

Byrge was arrested for second-degree burglary, possession of meth and possession or use of drug-related objects, according to jail reports.

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