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Man Claims North Dakota Companies Didn’t Act Right

A local is whistleblowing on unprofessional and unsafe practices of companies in North Dakota, according to Summerville Police reports.

Heath Hudlow, of Summerville, said he had multiple experiences with companies in North Dakota breaking federally mandated rules and disregarding employee safety, Officer Jo Stricklin stated.

He was hired to drive a truck for an oil field company called Black Sheep LLC., in North Dakota. He said that the company forwarded his personal information to TN Energy. Hudlow, however, decided to seek employment with Salyer Transport.

“While working with Salyer, Mr. Hudlow stated that the company had a gross disregard for safety and mandated rules. He stated that the drinking water was shipped from town in an uncapped truck and was not suitable to drink and that the smoke alarms in the on-site residences had been removed. He stated that there was dangerous Hydrogen Sulfide in the area and was not provided with any protective equipment. Mr. Hudlow fears that his information has been compromised due to the unprofessionalism of the companies he worked for while in North Dakota,” Officer Stricklin reported.


  1. erik mann on August 29, 2019 at 5:23 am

    what the hell is all this about? did this dude file a report saying all this? or was he stopped and arrested for some crime. this country needs a better way to deal with mental health episodes rather than arrests and putting the details in a paper or on a website for everyone to ridicule. shame on you Summerville News

    • Nicole on August 30, 2019 at 12:20 pm

      It says he filed a report… How exactly is this a mental health issue and why are people ridiculing this man? Bc he has the nerve to call attention to malpractices? Were you working along side him and know these issues are untrue and thats why you have decided this man has an mental health issue?

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