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Roadside Dancer Said Panties Keep Snack Foods Warm

A 42-year-old woman standing near the highway and dancing “everywhere” caught the attention of locals and the Summerville Police Department on Aug. 14.

Sandy Wilson was observed stumbling and dancing along Hwy. 114 near Jerry’s Drive-in around 2:05 a.m.

“I asked Ms. Wilson where she was going and she was not sure where she was going,” Officer Matt Wilson stated.

The woman was nervous and confused the officer said.

“I asked Ms. Wilson why anyone would call and say she was under the influence. She stated probably because she was singing. Ms. Wilson voluntarily stated that she is not trying to be funny but she has Takis and Cheerios in her panties,” the officer reported.

The food in her panties was not stolen, she told the officer. The officer questioned why put snack food in one’s undergarment.

Her response, “To maybe warm them up.”

“I asked Ms. Wilson if she didn’t want to carry them? Ms. Wilson stated, ‘yes,’ and that she was pulling them out of her panties and eating them,” the officer reported.

The officers during furthering questioning found a syringe loaded with a liquid substance they believed to be meth. The syringe was in her bra, according to reports.

She was arrested for possession of meth, possession or use of drug-related objects, public intoxication and loitering, according to an incident report.



  1. Charlene Koonce on August 29, 2019 at 12:39 am

    Considering what a small town in which we live…. headlines like this are DEFINITELY click-bait………. but I just have to wonder how this will affect this woman’s family, children, friends, etc…. I know….. I’m unemployed and in no position to judge…… but… it is still sad when headlines “poke fun” at people who are under the influence of meth and other hard drugs…… it just goes to reiterate that old saying…………”WWJD?” What would Jesus Do? I’m pretty certain he would not put the negative spotlight on struggling ppl.

    • Andy Abernathy on August 30, 2019 at 4:27 pm

      Right on Charlene

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