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Hwy. 100 Home Burglarized

Walton Goggins said someone broke into his home on Hwy. 100 last Thursday and stole several items, according to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s report.

“Mr. Goggins stated that he closed the garage door before they left and he noticed it was opened. Mr. Goggins then stated that in the window for their master bedroom he had a portable air conditioner with an exhaust hose that ran outside and that the window and hose were pushed into the house,” according to Deputy Daniel Sanford.

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  1. judy bridges on September 5, 2019 at 8:11 am

    Leave the DOG alone and ARREST the people that MADE it that way…..!!!! Justice of Dogs is messed up..!!! If the blame went to where it belongs(,the owners) there would BE, no vicious dogs.

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