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Meth Bust: After Man Allegedly Drives Stolen ATV Around Summerville

Summerville cops stopped a man driving a stolen Polaris Ranger ATV through the city early Wednesday morning, according to an incident report.

David Lee Cavin told Officer Ricky Van Pelt that the ATV was borrowed from a man on Sunnydale Road. Deputies checked out the story and could not confirm it. Instead, they discovered the ATV was stolen.

“While searching Mr. Cavin, he advised this officer that he had something on him. He handed over a small bag of methamphetamine,” Officer Van Pelt stated.

Deputies called the owner of the ATV who made a positive identification.

Cavin was arrested for driving with a suspended license, operation of an unregistered vehicle, driving with no proof of insurance, operating restrictions of off-road vehicles and possession of meth, according to an incident report.

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