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(UPDATED) Man Arrested Inside Summerville Restaurant

(Update: Sources, including management of Jefferson’s in Summerville, said the man was not served alcohol and allowed to become intoxicated. The article did not claim that either. The News wants to make this clarification. In fact, the owner of Jefferson’s has never had an infraction or problem with the city. As far as we know, they have an exemplary record in that regard. This is just a story about a man getting arrested inside a business. It could have happened anywhere. We have removed our Facebook link to this article due to several mean-spirited comments and people making assumptions.)

A Trion resident allegedly drank a little too much alcohol Friday afternoon and was arrested inside a downtown Summerville restaurant, according to police reports.

Cops were dispatched to Jefferson’s restaurant at 6:50 p.m. after Joshua Martin Manning, 42, became overly intoxicated.

“[Manning] was inside Jefferson’s in an extremely intoxicated condition. [I] observed Mr. Manning bumping into customers sitting at tables,” Summerville Policeman Steve Bates stated.

Manning was jailed for public intoxication, according to an incident report.

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