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Woman Went Around Georgia Using Cousin’s Identity

A Jonesboro woman was perplexed when she received court documents from the Summerville Municipal Court recently.

Terchavia Tarver received court documents saying that she was arrested in Summerville for a misdemeanor drug possession charge and two traffic violations. The problem, however, is Tarver wasn’t arrested, according to police reports.
“I retrieved the bodycam footage of Jo Stricklin that showed the issuance of these citations and noted that the individual in the footage that held herself out to be Terchavia Tarver, was not the real Ms. Tarver. Tarver watched the video footage and identified the individual as being her cousin Randriques Scott . . .” Summerville Police Detective Brian Ozment said. “It was noted in the bodycam footage that upon searching the vehicle that Scott’s true driver’s license was found and when asked about it by Officer Stricklin, Scott maintained that she was actually Tarver and that Ranriques Scott was her cousin.”

This isn’t the first time Tarver had trouble with her cousin using her name. She showed the detective where Clayton County State Court had dismissed cases in June for the same reason.

“Warrants were obtained for Scott and I made arrangements to have the cases through Municipal Court in Tarver’s name to have an order of nolle prosequii entered on them,” Det. Ozment stated.

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