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Angered Man Arrested After Slinging Rocks

A Summerville man was arrested after striking another man’s vehicle with rocks Sunday afternoon, according to police reports.

Jennifer Dawson said Brandon Lemos, of Church Street, became angry when she arrived at his house to pick up her belongings. They previously were in a relationship, according to Summerville Police reports.

Driving Ms. Dawson to the Church Street residence was Taelin Barton, of Rome. He drove to Lemos’ residence in a 2012 Nissan Altima.

“Mr. Taelin Barton stated that they had just arrived at the residence when Mr. Lemos came outside upset yelling and damaged his vehicle by throwing rocks at the vehicle and the occupants. Mr. Lemos stated that he was upset because she was with another male and became upset and picked up several rocks at threw them at the vehicle causing several dents and dings in the vehicle as well as cracking the driver’s side windshield of the vehicle,” Officer David Westbrooks stated.

Lemos was arrested for criminal trespassing and a probation violation, according to an incident report.

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