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Chattooga County Sheriff Incident Reports. . . .

  • D.A. McGuire, of 622 Cooper Pit Road, Trion, said someone damaged cellphone chargers, headphone cords and someone cut multiple pieces of clothing at his home on Sept. 23. About $2,735 worth of items were damaged. Debra Nicole McGuire, of Trion, is being blamed for the damage. She was arrested for second-degree criminal damage to property, according to sheriff’s reports.

“She stated she did enter the master bedroom area and cut the wires on the cell phone chargers and headphones. During the conversation she stated she took a pair of socks out of his dresser and left with the items denying she did not cut his clothes. She stated she moved out completely from the residence approximately a week ago. She stated they were divorced but lived together off and on until recently. She stated she was staying at her mother’s home located on Wallace Road,” Deputy Chris Clark reported.


  • Justin Thompson said he bought a green 1997 Chevrolet truck from a company in Calhoun.  He is waiting for the title to the vehicle to
    be mailed to his residence but still has not received it. Mr. Thompson stated he needed a report for the title being lost or stolen in the mail.
  • Debra McGuire said that while she was arrested on Sept. 23, someone damaged her dresser drawer. “Ms. McGuire stated she has not seen the dresser drawer since being arrested and could not give me a value of the dresser drawer,” Deputy Derek Mitchell stated.
  • Austin Dillard said he received a $1,500 check. In exchange, he gave someone some gift cards. Dillard cashed the check and it was fraudulent.


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