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Trees Dedicated To Five Deceased Students In Ceremony

Leroy Massey Elementary School paused recently to remember five of its students that had died during the past few years by planting a tree in each one of their memories. They had previously dedicated another tree two years ago for a student who had died.
The dedication was in “Loving Memory of Our Beautiful Students Courtney Jade Mull, Zachary Camden Greene, Aliyaah Emoriah Brown, Jada Marie Kendrick and Rebecca Grace Stephens.
Families of each one of the students were on hand and teachers who had the students in their classes at Leroy Massey or other schools told the crowd some information about each one of the students.
Teachers or former teachers participating were Toni Jaska, Rhonda Reece, Freda Watkins, Rachel Groce and Rhonda Richards.
A song for hope for families was sung and played by Bobby Cavin and Lisa Duke.
A presentation of angels to the families was made by Counselor Beth Dunn.
After the release of balloons by the families and students at the program, closing remarks were made by LMES Principal Brian Beasley.
He thanked the families of the students for their attendance.
“Back in the spring of 2017, a student that attended school here through the fifth grade was killed in a tragic traffic accident,” Beasley said. “The teachers at the time and the parents got together and wanted to do something special for Kendrick. A tree was planted in the spring of 2017 for Kendrick.”
As a result, we wanted to do the same for the other students, that had passed away and were students here at Leroy Massey, he continued.
“We want your family members to know that your children are not forgotten,” Principal Beasley said. “These trees are a constant reminder of the blessings we have even though for a short amount of time when they were students here at Leroy Massey.”
Beasley said that the teachers that organized the event had “gone overboard just for your kids.”
“They have gone all out to make sure that you understand that your kids were loved and the impact they had on the students and the teachers that were here,” Principal Beasley said.
Former teachers of the students then shared with the parents and family members something about each of the students and what the students meant to them and the other students.
Each tree was dedicated after the teacher said something about the students by the teachers, staff and students.
After the ceremony, the families were invited to a breakfast in the media center.

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