Pit Bulldogs Kill Woman’s Maltese Poodle

Two pit bulldogs are being blamed for the death of a Maltese Poodle belonging to Trina Johnson, of Fourth Street, according to a Summerville Police report.

Johnson found her pet lying dead on her property and a pit bulldog standing over it. That pit bulldog and another one allegedly belonged to a neighbor, according to reports.

“When [I] arrived, the two bulldogs were laying on the carport unrestrained. The bulldogs did not show any signs of a struggle and did not have any marks or blood on them,” Officer Roy Williams said.

The neighbor said he does not think his bulldogs killed the poodle, according to a report.

“[I] had no evidence or witnesses that the bulldogs killed complainant’s dog a the time of the report,” Officer Williams said.

The officer advised the neighbor about the leash law and told Johnson she could seek the magistrate court’s help.


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