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City Garbage Rates To Rise

Garbage rates are likely to increase next year, according to Summerville Mayor Harry Harvey.
The threat to hike garbage fees came during a special called city council meeting this month. A private company that handles sanitation for the city increased rates they charge the city.
“There will have to be an increase as far as fees are concerned because they did increase the amount of the fees over what we are paying now,” Mayor Harvey said.
The city’s three-year contract with its current provider, Wright’s Sanitation Services, of Summerville, came to an end in September.
The city asked various private companies in the waste services business to submit bids. Only Wright’s and Santek Waste Disposal, in Cleveland, Tenn., priced the service. Those prices were very close, according to Summerville City Manager Janice Galloway.
“According to the difference between the two bids, based on our customer services that we’ve been providing, it was less than $200 between Wright’s and Santek’s bids,” the city manager said.
“Do you have a recommendation?” Mayor Harvey asked.
“Well it would probably be less turmoil to leave it where it’s at,” Galloway said.
“Any other comments? I’ve looked at some of these too and my recommendation is to have Wright’s. . . “ the mayor said.
“Did I hear you right? Did you say the bid difference was just $200?” City Councilman Earl Parris said.
“Less than $200. That’s close,” Galloway said.
Santek representative Kenny Fuquea tried sweetening the deal during a last minute attempt to sway the council.
“I just wanted to bring up a fact. There was a question about the [residential garbage] carts when we first went into it. . . What we would install would be brand new carts. If you go around and look at the city now, I just want to bring this to your attention: I’m not criticizing, but the carts we would bring in would be new carts. It would help the looks of the city. It would probably help the looks of the customers getting the carts out to the curb and those kind of things. We would like for that to be taken into consideration also,” Fuquea said.
“My recommendation, like I said, we’ve had good service with Wright’s. I do recommend that we continue with Wright’s Sanitation Service. We do know with either one of them, we will need to have a rate increase as far as these are concerned,” the mayor said.
The council unanimously agreed to stick with Wright’s Sanitation for another three years.
City residents currently pay $11.40 a month for garbage services. Preliminary numbers from city hall incident Wright’s base bid is .55 cents higher for residential customers. Commercial rates vary with the size of the containers provided.

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