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Menlo’s Election Winner Still Unknown; Summerville And Trion Ballots Are In

The city of Menlo will consult their attorney tomorrow morning to see who won Tuesday’s election.

Meanwhile in Summerville, political newcomer Kristy Dennis beat her opponent, Lorraine Roberts. The vote was 135 to 29.

In  Trion, former Mayor Lanny Thomas beat former Councilman Casey Brown 104 to 72. Councilman Don Harris was re-elected 120 – 54. He beat the mayor’s son-in-law, Adam Hankins. Both Kerri Maddux Brown and Jeff Maddux retained their positions on the Trion City’s School Board.

While Trion and Summerville residents know the winners for their races, Menlo officials are wondering who won. The issue is whether a candidate in a three-way race needs 50-percent of the votes or just the most votes overall.

Three people are vying for a seat on the Menlo City Council. Joy Phelan, Michael Welch and Cara Cabe are seeking Seat Two. It was left vacant by the late Virginia Welch who died several months ago while in office.


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