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Deputy Finds Meth Pipe In A Box

A former Chattooga County resident was arrested for possessing methamphetamine on Thursday evening, according to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s report.

Charles Dwayne Owens, 51, asked deputies to help him retrieve some items from a Maplewood Drive apartment. Deputy Marvin Armstrong said Owens’ mannerisms were suspicious as if on drugs, according to an incident report. Deputies then checked Owens’ vehicle for drugs.

Upon further search of the vehicle, I looked under the hood of the vehicle where I located a lockbox with a yellow lock on it. I asked Mr. Owens what the box was for and he advised that it came from the factory like that. Myself and Cpl. [Corey] Fielding talked to each other and advised Mr. Owens that the box was never made under the hood from the factory. I then asked if he had a key to the box where Mr. Owens advised that he had one but did not know where it was and started to walk towards the back of the vehicle and started acting very nervous. I again asked Mr. Owens if he had the key where he advised he would look Cpl. Feilding then advised that he had a set of bolt cutters in his
vehicle where at this time Mr. Owens located a key to the box. After opening the box I located a clear glass pipe containing a white crystal substance believed to be Methamphetamine wrapped in a white cloth. Mr. Ownes advised he did not know how that would have got there and that someone must have put it in the vehicle under the hood in a lockbox that he was the only one with a key to. At this time I placed Mr. Owens under arrest for possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug-related objects. Mr. Owens started to act irate and started cussing at me Mr. Owens advised that I needed to call the Drug Task Force and ask about him,” Deputy Armstrong reported.



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