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Duo Caught Shoplifting 27 Items From Walmart

Joshua Lee Wolford and Ariel Andrea Neal, both of 135 Summerville Gardens Drive, were arrested for shoplifting last Thursday.
They allegedly did not scan all their items at the self-checkout scanner. They failed to scan 27 items valued at $152.02, according to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s report.

The male offender began to take items out of the shopping cart and scan them. The male offender would not scan all the items as he took them out of the shopping cart. The male would slide the items close to the bar code reading eye but he would turn the items so the eye could not see the bar code, therefore the items were not scanned. As the male skipped scan on several items he would place it in the bagging area. The female, who was standing right beside him, would then take the items and place them into another shopping cart,” Sheriff’s Investigator Wendell Flood stated. ” The two offenders finished with the transaction and the female took out her card and paid for the items they did scan. The two then walked out the front door without paying for all of the items in their shopping cart.”


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