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Summerville Benefiting From Growth In Floyd County

It may seem odd, but the City of Summerville is benefiting from residential and commercial growth in Floyd County.
Summerville’s natural gas lines extend to Mount Berry Mall and into residential areas off U. S. 27.
About 400 more customers have connected to Summerville’s gas system since earlier this year. A lot of those new customers are in Floyd County.
One of the biggest customers in that area is Blount Construction, which operates an asphalt plant.
“They are consistently using a quite a bit of gas,” Summerville Clerk Angie White said.
As of this week, the city has 1,528 Floyd gas customers. Inside Chattooga, there are 2,969.
Floyd customers are a little different, however. The number of customers coming and going change at a high rate. That’s because there are a lot of apartments and rental houses that Berry and Shorter University students use. Summerville workers are frequently turning services on and off, according to White.
“Natural gas is cheap,” said Public Works Director Terry Tinney.
He believes inexpensive gas is helping sell the service to homeowners and businesses.
“We also have a good rebate program,” Tinney said.
The city is offering $5,000 loans for customers to install or update their heating system or install gas stoves, water heaters, dryers or continuous hot water devices.
The loans are for 60 months and available to homeowners of single-family dwellings. It’s zero-interest money, except for a monthly $3 administrative fee.
Repaying the loan is made easier by the city. Customers pay the loan back through their utility bills. It’s added onto the bill each month.
Eligible funding includes:
* Purchase and installation of a natural gas Energy Star residential tank and tankless water heater.
* Installation of an Energy Star furnace.
* It covers duct insulation and leak sealing, weather-stripping and caulking, attic and floor insulation, controls and diagnostic testing.
People can request applications at city hall.
The city is also offering these rebates:
* Tank-type water heater, $200.
* Tankless water heater, $200.
* Conversion of a water heater from electric to propane, $200.
* Gas clothes dryer, $150.
* Standard gas range, $100.
* Gas logs, $50.
* Gas lights, $50.
* Gas furnace rebate up to $400.

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