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Summerville City Council Meeting Agenda For Monday

Unfinished Business

 Consider approving the rezoning of the following AEB Properties

(Anthony Bryant)from R2 to C1:

      • 180 Montgomery St (parcel# 00S23000000010)
      • 182 Montgomery St (parcel# 00S230000000009)
      • 5 Montgomery St   (parcel# 00S2300000000008)
      • Montgomery St     (parcel# 00S1600000002900A)
      • Montgomery St     (parcel# 00S230000000800A)


  1. Consider approving the reduction of setbacks on parcels that

          face Montgomery St from 30 feet to 5 feet, and those parcels

facing Highway 114 from 35 feet to 5 feet:


  1. Discuss relocating the sewer lines on AEB(Anthony Bryant)owned

property located on Montgomery St(attachment):

     (9)    New Business

 First Reading of the FYE 2019 Year-End Budget Ordinance

(see attachment):


  1.    Consider approving 12 volunteer fireman to receive a $100.00

Christmas bonus:


  1. Discuss solid waste fees:


  1. Planning Session:

(10)  Public Comments

 (11)  Adjournment

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