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Summerville Businessman Arrested After Domestic Dispute

A Summerville businessman was arrested for fighting with his wife around 8:33 a.m. today, according to city police reports.

Cops were called to Randy Patty Trucking and Construction at 150 Oil Mill Road, in Summerville, after hearing about an argument in the street, according to a Summerville Police report.

They arrived and found 65-year-old Randall Lee Patty, of Lyerly, standing in the street arguing with his estranged wife.

“[Patty was] instructed to stop and back up several times. [Patty] refused to stop fussing and arguing,” Summerville Policeman Roy Williams reported.

Patty was jailed for disorderly conduct, according to reports.

This was not the first time cops were called to that location. The domestic trouble has occurred for several weeks, according to reports.


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  1. Erik L. MANN on November 18, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    Why is it cops think they can arrest people for refuse to stop talking or arguing. Cops are always abusing the disorderly conduct charge to arrest people who otherwise they have no grounds to arrest. It’s the umbrella charge they use. It’s time most of the power police have in this country is stripped from them because they have proven time and again they abuse it, they are incapable of settling issues without the threat of jail. Which is a expense to the taxpayer. Since when is it ok to arrest a person for arguing with spouse? I’m persysick of cops and the attitudes they have. That we will do what they say or else. Come try that tactic on me Mr poliyman, see how I handle it. I’d love to have a cops career, and sleep like a baby at night knowing I had a cop fired, humiliated, demoted, prosecuted, sued or whatever else I can do to them. We don’t have it as bad as some areas, like say Chattanooga cops…but we are still a long way from having a trustworthy, professional, ethical police force here in this county

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