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Six Days Until Deadline: 48-percent Of The People Haven’t Paid Their Property Taxes

“We are expecting it to be really busy the next few days,” Chattooga County Tax Commissioner Joy Hampton said about a possible rush of people coming to pay their property taxes before Sunday’s deadline.

Only 52-percent of the people have paid as the deadline approaches. This year’s collections might be a little slower if comparing last year’s 74-percent collection rate for about the same period.

“We are in for a rough couple of days or everybody forgot to pay their bill,” the tax commissioner joked. “We got a ton of mail in today and that might make up a difference.”

A lot of the bigger tax bills have been paid. She also said that the two biggest mortgage companies have also paid their escrow accounts.

Hampton reminds Chattooga County property owners that the due date for property taxes is Sunday. Since it falls on a weekend, she will accept payment without a penalty on Monday.
“If possible, I do recommend sending in payments earlier to avoid lines and crowds, as we expect the first week in December to be very busy,” Hampton said. “Thank you for allowing me to serve as your tax commissioner.”




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