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Two Arrested For Stealing From Factory Connection

Two local women were caught stealing garments from a local clothing store Sunday afternoon, according to Summerville Police reports.

Police were called to Factory Connections and talked with worker Amy Rigsby who told officers about two women shoplifting.

“She was familiar with both women because they have shoplifted at this store before,” Officer Matt Pritchard stated.

The two women took 20 items of clothing into a changing room and allegedly only brought 14 back out.

“The clothes that were brought back out contained five security devices and the tags to three shirts and two pairs of jeans concealed inside the clothes, also for each shirt there would be three hangers-on a single shirt indicative of articles of clothing missing,” the officer reported.

The store worker tried stopping the two women before they left. One of the women said they forgot their wallet and then quickly left in a small black Ford car.

The duo allegedly stole about $132 worth of clothing, according to an incident report.

The officer reviewed the store’s security footage and identified both women. One was Shannon Nixon and the other was Michelle McCool, both of Summerville.

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