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Local Claims She Picked Up Drugs For Some Unknown Person

A 30-year-old woman claims her errand for an unknown person resulted in her drug arrest Saturday, according to a Summerville Police report.

Lauren Edwards, of Lyerly, told Officer Phillip Cox that someone unknown person told her to retrieve two plastic bags of drugs from an abandoned vehicle near her grandfather’s residence in Lyerly.

“Lauren states that she knew they come from Alabama but nothing else and that she was supposed to drop them off at her grandfather’s scrap metal business and that some unknown person would pick them up,” Officer Cox reported. “Lauren states that she does not use any drug and could pass a drug test. She states that she only had them to help someone else.”

Police were originally dispatched to Allen Street around 1:40 p.m. to check on a verbal domestic dispute in the roadway. They found Edwards and her boyfriend arguing. During the cops questioning, they noticed Edwards was nervous and saw her put something in her pants.

“Lauren also admits that when she noticed the police was on scene that is when she tried to retrieve the contraband that she describes was in two different bags from her bra and was putting them in her vaginal area. Lauren also states that when she retrieved the contraband from her bra that one item stayed in her bra and the other she put in her vaginal area,” Officer Cox stated.

Edwards was arrested for possession of Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, according to jail reports.

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