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Driver Abandons Car And Then Flees

Cops are looking for the person that abandoned a vehicle on Bittings Avenue Thursday night, according to Summerville Police Officer Matt Wilson.

Officer Wilson spotted a black 2009 Dodge Journey speeding on Scoggins Street when he tried stopping it. Once he caught up to the vehicle behind Hammonds Auto Parts, the driver had fled and left the vehicle behind.

“The vehicle’s engine was still hot and the vehicle still had keys in the ignition,” Officer Wilson stated. “Inside the vehicle, there were approximately four car seats, Menthol cigarettes, a black wallet with a license identifying Torria Alexis Ludy that was located in the driver door compartment.”

After a tow truck came for the vehicle, cops received a call from a resident on Hawkins Drive. Ludy called to say her vehicle had been stolen. She later provided two names to the cops of who possibly stole the vehicle.

No charges have been made. The case was turned over to investigators.


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