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Man Cited For Burning Trash In A Barrel

A Summerville man was cited for burning garbage in a burn barrel on Thursday night, according to police reports.

Curtis Wayne Valentine Jr., 30, of Scoggins Street, was cited for an illegal burn.

“[Valentine] had a barrel in front of his house burning trash and rubbish inside containing plastics and several manmade materials. Firefighter Chuck Cox observed it and stated it was an illegal burn,” Officer Matt Wilson stated.


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  1. Erik mann on December 27, 2019 at 9:39 pm

    and we have cops out citing people for burning trash in their yard. there is no dry conditions anymore. a cop comes on my property with a citation for burning trash im going to cuss him out . firefighters in this county are poorly trained, educated and apparently have nothing better to do than ride around and look for people burning trash and calling cops

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