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Pit Bulldog Attack Injures Neighbor’s Pet

“On [Saturday at 1 p.m.] I responded to a dog fight at 21 Alred Street. Upon arrival, I observed Tara Smith’s son to be holding a leash on a white and blonde colored pit bulldog. The bulldog had obviously been in a fight as it had fresh blood about its face and body. The dog on the leash was not Tara’s dog,” Summerville Police Officer Phillip Cox reported.

The officer found Smith’s injured dog on a chain in her yard. Her dog had blood and puncture wounds around its face.

“A male who identified himself as Aaron Adams, 36, approached and advised that the dog that had attacked Tara’s dog was his and it had gotten loose from its pen. . .Aaron took his dog back home and Tara cleaned her dog up a little and was going to carry it to the vet for an examination. Tara stated that Aaron had told her on the scene that he would cover her vet bill. I did not witness that statement. I traveled to 102 Alred Street and observed that Aaron’s dog was now in a fenced kennel. Aaron was making provisions and did chain his dog up inside the kennel until repairs could be made. I issued Aaron a leash law violation,” Officer Cox reported.


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