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More Details Coming Forth On Wylan Terrace Stabbing

More details are coming forth about a stabbing that hospitalized one man before Christmas, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports.

Cierra Jade Timmons, 24, of 147 Wylan Terrace, claims she was forced to stab Emmanuel “Malik” Perry, 24, in the stomach during a confrontation at their home around 9:20 p.m. on Dec. 17.

“She stated while arguing they both entered the kitchen area where she retrieved a knife from the island of the kitchen. . . She stated while holding the knife Perry grabbed her hand pulling it into himself trying to make her stab him. Then he stabbed her in the leg,” Chattooga County Deputy Chris Clark reported.

Sheriff’s investigators don’t believe Timmons’ story.

“[Timmons] began swinging the knife toward [Perry] and he was able to stop the threat by holding the knife, but [Timmons] began poking at the victim and the victim was stabbed in the abdomen causing serious bodily injury to [Perry],” Investigator Chad Spraggins reported.

Witnesses and evidence showed that Timmons was the “primary aggressor,” according to Chief Deputy Kevin Woods.

“She confronted him with a knife and chased him through the house and made contact with him in the foyer,” Chief Deputy Woods said. “Perry was able to throw the knife outside to get the knife away from her.”

The knife was described as a sharp, painted kitchen knife.

Timmons was arrested for aggravated assault, according to jail reports.

A new report released today by the sheriff’s department shows deputies were called to the residence yet again the next day.

Just before 7 p.m. Deputy Thomas Sainthill was dispatched to a domestic disturbance at the house and heard Timmons arguing with Kaamel Baldwin.

Baldwin advised that him and his wife were cleaning the kitchen. He stated that Ms. Timmons came into the kitchen and that his wife had to grab a knife and put it back. Mr. Baldwin stated that Ms. Timmons kept coming toward him looking for a knife. He stated that Ms. Timmons had threatened to kill him and his children and that he had to hide the knives. He advised that there had been a stabbing at the residence the previous night involving Ms.Timmons,” Deputy Sainthill stated. 

Timmons said Baldwin was lying and the argument was “started over dirty dishes,” according to reports.

Ms.Timmons was irate and argumentative. She advised that the argument started over dirty dishes. Ms.Timmons advised that Mr. Baldwin was lying. She advised that on the previous evening her and her boyfriend got into and argument and he got stabbed in the stomach and she was stabbed in the leg. Ms. Timmons advised that her leg was hurting and she just wanted to leave with her kids,” according to an incident report.

Mr. Baldwin had been at the house the night before when the stabbing took place. He had ushered eight kids into a master bedroom and away from the stabbing scene.

“[Kaamel L. Baldwin, 30] removed the eight children to the master bedroom for safety. He stated he did not see the incident but did assist with first aid for Perry outside the residence. He stated the knife was seen near Perry in the front yard laying in close proximity to the sidewalk and kicked the knife to the driveway in an attempt to get it away from both parties involved,” Deputy Clark stated.




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