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Supt. Hosmer Hopes To Bring New Football Coach Name To Board For The January Meeting

Chattooga School Superintendent Jared Hosmer hopes to bring a name to the board for its vacant head football coach position. Former Head Coach Charles Hammon resigned after the season last year after taking the Indians to the playoffs for six straight seasons.
“I hope to have a name for the January meeting,” Supt. Hosmer said.
So far, there are nine candidates for the head coach position that will be interviewed.
Supt. Hosmer says he doesn’t plan on making any changes in the way the school system is being run since being named and taking over at the December meeting.
“We had a good system in place when I took over, and basically the way it has been since April is the way we will continue.”
Hosmer said the system is running between two and two and a half percent below budget right now.
“Unless we have some unforeseen major catastrophe and everything holds together like it has the first six months, the system if not finishing under budget but will finish in budget,” the superintendent said.
That being said, there are a few things that we are not doing that we will have to do next year, he added.
“We haven’t had an assistant superintendent all year and I hope that will change,” Supt. Hosmer said.
We haven’t even got to that conversation about who it might be.
“I am going to take to the board in January when they finish my evaluation.
“They gave me a satisfactory evaluation, but we didn’t get a chance to go over the things I need to do or things I need to do better,” Supt. Hosmer said. “Once I talk with them on that maybe we can talk about the timeline for an assistant. At present, there is no rush because we have been doing it this way for a while and I want to make sure we get our ducks in a row.”

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