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Summerville Police Reports. . . .

The following reports were made during the past week by the Summerville Police Department. They were:


Justice Ryelee White, of Penn Street, Summerville, said someone illegally opened an account at Verizon Wireless in his name. He received word Monday that he had a $140 past-due bill in his name. Verizon said that he also had purchased an iPhone 11 Pro with this account. White said he has a Samsung phone  and does not know who is illegally using his identity.


Jacquarious Roberts, of Hankins Drive, Summerville, said he purchased gas from the Circle K for $29.99 a few days ago. Then on Saturday, he bought $5 worth of gasoline from the Pure Stop on Hwy. 114. Roberts said he had a $50 balance on his debit card and after he got the gas it showed a zero balance. He said the $5 at the Pure Stop was still pending. Officers told him to check with his bank.


Cops received a medical alarm call at Rose Jackson’s house on Saturday night. They discovered the doors were locked and could not get Ms. Jackson to the door. Cops feared she was unresponsive and then made a small hole through the front glass window and gained access. Ms. Jackson was found to be in good health and EMS checked her out.


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  1. Mike Hunter on January 21, 2020 at 8:04 pm

    What is going on people getting scammed I found out someone produce 11 phones & several other stuff on my Walmart account

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