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Local State Of Emergency Declared

A local state of emergency has been declared for the city of Summerville’s water system.

The EPA found manmade chemicals in Raccoon Creek recently. These chemicals were not part of the normal tests the city has to comply with under Georgia or federal laws.  The state of emergency will give the city and county the ability to receive extra resources, including possible grants to fund filtration processes for the city.



  1. judy bridges on February 6, 2020 at 2:28 pm

    What I would like to know is how did the chemicals get into our water to start with and why wasn’t it found before now. its my understand that our water has been this way since 2016, is this true.? If it is true could you tell me how often our water is tested of for this type of thing.Why did it take a phone call from someone outside our county to tell us to stop drinking water that we have been drinking for Four years. Now , please tell me who I should submit my questions to find the answers…!!..?

    • Christy on February 6, 2020 at 8:10 pm

      You won’t get any answers. If they cared about it, especially after the fact that babies and children have been drinking this water, we would have been notified sooner. I haven’t seen or heard from anyone. I had to find out via social media and word of mouth from others in the community.

  2. Steve Gladin on February 7, 2020 at 8:32 am

    That is certainly a more astute observation than faulting the WTP for failing to remove them. As observed, these are man-made chemicals, not naturalling occuring. “These chemicals are used in a wide range of industrial applications and the manufacture of consumer goods, and may be found in cleaners, textiles, leather, paper and paints, fire-fighting foams, and wire insulation.” Does this give you a clue? Depending on the substance and/or previous results, testing may be required daily, monthly, or quarterly, . It is not that this contamination has just been discovered; it is that the standard for LONG TERM exposure has just been dropped from 600ppt to 70ppt. The previous monitoring tests were in compliance with the standards set at the time; the standard has just changed. Ask the EPA why.

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