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Water Tanker Sinks Into The Ground At City Hall

A tanker carrying 6,500 gallons of drinking water has partially sunk into the parking lot outside Summerville City Hall.

City and county workers are trying to get the trailer out of the asphalt and ground.

The water is earmarked for city water customers who need drinking water.

The city is still under a state of emergency as officials look for answers on how to remove two human-made chemicals from the water it uses from Raccoon Creek. The EPA recently found the chemicals that could potentially be harmful after prolonged exposure.


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  1. Gene Miller on February 6, 2020 at 10:44 am

    Ok the driver of the truck should’ve known NOT to unhook from the tanker on asphalt. Any truck driver knows a loaded trailer or tanker will more than likely sink through asphalt.

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