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State Veterinarian: “It is recommended that animal not drink from the city water. . .”

Georgia’s top veterinarian is warning Summerville water customers about pets and livestock animals drinking the water.

State Vet Robert M Cobb Jr., DVM says don’t allow animals to drink it.

It is recommended that animals not drink from the city water supply until EPD establishes that it is safe to consume. Animals should be provided alternate safe water supplies or water from the city wells should be appropriately filtered (as per EPA recommendations) to render safe potable water. It is important to note that boiling water DOES NOT make the water safe to consume,” Veterinarian Cobb stated.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) of Georgia Department of Natural Resources, has issued a drinking water health advisory effective immediately for the City of Summerville, Georgia. This advisory is issued due to higher than the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) acceptable levels of PFASs (PFOA and PFOS) found in the city drinking water supply on January 20, 2020. EPA has established safe levels of PFASs at 70 parts per trillion and the levels at two (2) City of Summerville wells was 92 parts per trillion. The City of Summerville is working to correct the problem.

For more information see the EPA Drinking Water Health Advisory and the EPA’s FACT Sheet.


  1. judy bridges on February 7, 2020 at 2:41 pm

    could you please tell me how long we have been drinking this unsafe water..? If its unsafe for animals do we need to be concerned about our health.? what is likely to be the outcome of humans and animals drinking this water over a long period of time.? we have a right to answers to our questions..

  2. B. A. Hopkins, DVM on February 8, 2020 at 12:54 pm

    Frustrating that the State Veterinarian wouldn’t contact the only veterinarian in the community where there is a problem with the water nor can that veterinarian get in contact with anyone at the state office or get a return phone call. Very difficult to provide another water source to the animals housed here, or shut my practice down and lay off employees until this matter can be resolved.

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