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County Well Might Help City’s Water Problem

Earlier today the Chattooga County Water District was told its well number 7 is not affected by contaminates. This would allow them to supply the City of Summerville which is struggling with clean water.
The EPA alerted Summerville that it’s water contained two man made chemicals that potentially could cause a health condition after prolong exposure.
the city told its customers that are pregnant, infants or have compromised immune systems to not drink the water.
With the county’s water getting the OK by the state, the city could tie onto the Chattooga system. The county water could supply some city customers with cleaner water. It would only supply a fraction of city customers.


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  1. John M Phillips on February 16, 2020 at 12:31 pm

    Summerville needs to look toward the future in several areas. Including water supply. The stipulations on water are not going to stop here. Contact a major municipality and take bids on what they will sell u water for. Only the larger cities can keep up with this . Selling more water will help them and help the smaller towns. Yes I know it will cost a lot to put in new pipe. The day of every small town having a safe and adequate water system are coming to a end. Dont keep patching a leaking roof.

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