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Summerville Police Reports. . .(Including a fight about Marilyn Monroe)

The Summerville Police Department reported the following activity, according to incident reports:

* David Lee Wilson, Jr., 25, and Donna Lynn Alexander, 43, had an argument about Marilyn Monroe. The verbal argument on Sturdivant Street got loud and boisterous on Monday night. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and intoxication. Alexander was arrested for disorderly conduct.
“Both subjects stated they were arguing over Marilyn Monroe,” Officer Matt Wilson stated.
* Joshua Lavorne Timmons, 33, was involved in a domestic argument and was cited for disorderly conduct after throwing a “drawer” at her vehicle. Officer Matt Pritchard tried calming Timmons down, but was unsuccessful until being arrested.
* Lavon Sims said someone broke into his residence on Feb. 26 and stole $20 in change and some soft drinks.

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