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Chattooga Officials Urge Churches To Cancel Services

From Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters and Sheriff Mark Schrader:

We appreciate the many Pastors and church congregations that have chosen to suspend services or have church via social media means. For those who have not at this point, after consultation with area health care professionals, Commissioner Jason Winters and Sheriff Mark Schrader would like to strongly urge you to consider suspending your congregational services for the next two weeks.
As of noon today our county does not have any confirmed cases of the coronavirus, but with rising numbers within our own State we must continue to be proactive in taking steps to ensure social distancing and limiting exposure for all of our residents, especially those in the high-risk groups. We respect your decisions concerning your church. If you choose to continue services please consider not holding Sunday School in smaller areas, please refrain from serving public meals and avoid having members in close proximity to each other, i.e. church choir. Also, have someone that can ensure that surfaces and doorknobs are repeatedly wiped down to prevent potential spread. Lastly, we would like to thank our pastors and other community members for their continued prayers for our community and community leaders during these times.
Commissioner Jason Winters
Sheriff Mark A. Schrader

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