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Three Confirmed Cases Of Covid-19 In Chattooga County

The number of coronavirus cases in Chattooga County has increased to three, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The county stayed at one confirmed case for several days. Then during the 8 p.m. update on COVID-19, Chattooga’s numbers jumped.

Also, Dade County had zero cases until today. During the 8 p.m. update, Dade’s number appeared on the board.

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  1. Erik mann on April 1, 2020 at 8:11 am

    And the numbers keep rising and businesses like roper claim to be “essential” and forcing thousands to work shoulder to shoulder. Making ovens is not essential and how many masks, gloves, sanitation supplies are being used in a two million square feet facility just to increase a company profit while medic workers and old folks homes are doing without. The people who run roper should be prosecuted if one case develops among their workers. But that won’t happen. Republican Brian Kemp says he trusts they are doing everything possible to follow his order. Republican look out for big businesses and corporate donors more than they do the hourly workers who are forced to go to work or lose their jobs. They WILL be held accountable if anyone I care for gets sick. I promise that. By any means necessary.

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