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Summerville Isolates Some Of The Contaminated Water

Summerville provides drinking water to its customers by pumping out of Raccoon Creek and Lowe Springs. The U.S. EPA tested both sources and found the creek contained two man-made chemicals.
The spring, however, was clear of those contaminants.
Since then, the city has worked to isolate portions of its water system and now the water for some customers is no longer tainted, according to City Manager Janice Galloway said.
City workers have been closing valves and reworking the flow of water through its pipes. The city is isolating areas that contain water that is free of the two man-made chemicals found in Raccoon Creek in Berryton.
The city is also purchasing water from the county and Town of Trion, which are both clear of the contaminates.
Areas that don’t have to worry about the man-made contaminants are (alphabetical order): Austin Avenue, Back Penn Road, Carol Drive, Crest Road, Deverd Street, Fields Walk, Glen Drive, Goodwin Drive, Greenhill Memorial Gardens Street, Greeson Street, Hartline Hill Road, Howard Avenue, Kay Drive, Kimberly Drive, Klatt Blvd., Knox Street, Lenard Lane, Loggins Drive, Magnolia Ridge, Marble Springs Road, Maryland Drive, McMillian Street, Memorial Drive, Moore Street, Railroad Circle, Rena Street, Roberts Street (Pennville), Rocky Hollow Road, Sara Lane, Silver Circle, Sloppy Floyd Lake Road, Sprayberry Hill Road, Sturdivant Estates, The Ridges, Underwood Drive, Verbena Lane, White Oak Road, Wildlife Lake Road, Wylan Hills Drive and Wylan Terrace.


  1. Josephine Mabray on April 3, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    Is the water safe on N. Washington St.? If not can we get bottled water until our street is cleared.
    I am afraid of water provided in the tank.
    Please respond

  2. KhKing on April 5, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    So basically the customers that live outside the city limits have drinkable city water! Do the customers that live within the city limits pay the same rate for water that may or may not be safe to drink?

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