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County Adds Weather Notifications To Its Hyper-Reach Emergency System



Chattooga County EMA/E-911 Director Pamela Vaughn hopes to see more residents use its Hyper-Reach emergency notification system now that weather warnings were added on Jan. 1.
Year-to-date, only a little more than 515 county residents are signed up to receive the alerts. But that’s before the county added weather alerts to the list of options.
The system can send thousands of notifications to homes in the most danger in seconds and also keep the rest of the county informed on the Chattooga County EMA/E-911 Facebook page.
Hyper-Reach alerts residents via phone call, email and text message to notify them of potential hazardous weather, including tornados, severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, flash floods, winter storms and fires. Vaughn said these residents can select which warnings they want to be notified about certain weather situations.
“We aren’t highly affected by hurricanes here,” Vaughn said. “If they wanted to opt out of that, or maybe the fires, thunderstorms or tornadoes, they can opt out of any of those.”
Hyper-Reach is not just for providing weather warnings but also for crime and missing persons alerts.
“In a hostage situation, we can send it to everyone on that street except the house with the hostage,” Vaughn said. “If the county, Summerville or Trion have a water boil situation, they can alert residents too since they have accounts under ours.”
To register, call 706-857-3400 and select either option 1 or option 2, text “Alert” to 706-230-5114 or visit

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