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Animal Control Refuses To Catch Pit Bulldogs

An animal control officer refused to catch two aggressive pit bulldogs even though cops had requested it Saturday, according to Summerville Police reports.

The police were notified about the “aggressive” pit bulldogs around noon when Henderson Street resident Charles Wooten called. He said the dogs had tunneled underneath his fence and were in his backyard.

“[I] did observe two pit bulldogs in the backyard. The dogs were barking and aggressive toward Mr. Wooten and officers while in his yard,” Summerville Policeman Labron Jackson reported.

Officers then went to Wooten’s driveway to talk. While standing in the driveway, the two dogs escaped from the backyard fence. The dogs came toward the cops and Wooten. They were “aggressive,” toward the officers, according to an incident report.

Policeman Gary Pruitt used pepper spray to make the dogs retreat, a report states. The dogs fled to Third Street.

“[I] talked to someone with animal control and he asked me if anybody had been bitten and I stated, ‘No,’ and he advised that he would not come out to the call,” Officer Jackson reported.

Wooten said the dogs belong to a neighbor.

“E911 advised that there have been multiple calls in the past involving the same pit bulls mentioned. The owner of the dogs had previously had a leash law warning from Officer Matt Pritchard,” Officer Jackson reported.