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Child Wanders Motel Parking Lot During The Night

A two-year-old toddler walked around a motel parking lot unattended Sunday night, according to police reports.

A child in a diaper and carrying a blanket was sighted walking around the Coach Inn parking lot, 9785 Rome Blvd., around 11:20 p.m., according to a Summerville Police report.

Officers began looking for the child’s parents. A witness noticed one of the motel’s doors was open earlier and when police arrived, someone shut it. Officers then went to that room and found the mother, 32-year-old Mindy L. West, of Canton, asleep.

Officers had a hard time waking West. It took several attempts to wake her.

“After waking her up, it took a couple of minutes for her to realize why the officers were there. Ms. West was tested on the alco sensor with a result of .182. Officers requested to contact an on-call DFCS worker,” Officer Steve Bates reported.

The child was taken into custody by DFCS and West was cited for reckless conduct “but was not taken to jail due to space availability,” according to reports.