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Almost $1,000 Worth Of Items Taken In Walmart Heist

Photo By Tyler Bishop

“I owe, I owe. . . So off to work I go,” a vanity license plate stated on the front of a purple van carrying four men accused of shoplifting almost a $1,000 worth of items Friday night, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports.

Surveillance video shows four men leaving Walmart with televisions, beer, clothing, food and other items.

While observing the surveillance video further the suspects are seen loading the items into a purple in color Dodge Caravan with the exception of the beer which was abandoned in the parking lot. Then the vehicle is observed leaving the parking lot in an aggressive manner nearly striking another vehicle and eventually making its way to Highway 27,” Deputy Corey Fielding stated.

Cops eventually found and stopped the purple 1999 Dodge Caravan on East Washington Street in Summerville.  The driver, 20-year-old Kaderius Bailey would not respond to Deputy Fielding’s questions.

A Walmart employee arrived at the traffic stop and confirmed many of the items in the van were taken from the local store. The deputy went back to the store and watched the surveillance footage.

I first observed one offender (Leon Wortham) exiting the grocery side empty-handed. Directly behind Mr. Wortham was (Charles Reams II) who was observed pushing a shopping cart out the door with a 50″ Flat Screen TV and other miscellaneous loaded in the cart. Directly behind Mr. Reams is (Kaderius Bailey) who is also observed pushing a shopping cart out the door loaded with household items and three 24 packs of Corona Extra beer. Directly behind Mr. Bailey is the last offender (Charles Reams II) who is observed leaving the store empty-handed as well,” Deputy Fielding reported.

All four men were arrested for felony shoplifting.