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Man Gets Unwanted Visit From Unknown Female

An unknown, intoxicated woman showed up on a Summerville man’s doorstep and said she “needed a place to visit,” according to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s report.

Jeff Dooley was at his Ridgecrest Drive residence when he heard someone at his house around 10 p.m. Saturday. He found an unknown woman wearing an orange jacket and camouflage pants.

I was then advised that the female stated to him that she had drank whiskey and took some Xanax’s. Mr. Dooley
advised that the female was at his residence for about 3-5 minutes then she left on foot,” Deputy Corey Fielding stated.

As the deputy started patrolling and looking for the woman, they found her sitting on the side of the road and drinking alcohol.

“The female also had leaves on various areas of her clothing as if she had been in the woods. While speaking to the female, I advised her of the call we had received in regards to her being intoxicated. I was then advised by the female that she had seen us in the area and came out to see what we wanted,” Deputy Fielding reported.

The deputy identified the woman as 40-year-old Heather Nicole McCool, of 365 Reservoir Road, in Summerville. She told the deputy she had consumed a “six pack” and drank some whiskey. She denied using Xanax.

She was arrested for pedestrian under the influence of intoxicants.