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Christmas Shoplifting Ends With Jail Visit

A Summerville woman claims she stole items from Walmart so that her daughter could have something for Christmas, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports.

A Walmart employee spotted 35-year-old Lacy Dannette Timmons putting items into a buggy and then walking outside without paying for them. The items were valued at $208.43, according to Deputy Daniel Sanford.

She left in a gray car with a busted rear window. The next day Deputy Marvin Armstrong spotted the vehicle and Timmons and stopped her.

“After Deputy Armstrong read Miranda [rights] to Mrs. Lacy Timmons she made the statement that she was stealing the items from Walmart to go sell at Trade Day to have some money to buy her daughter something for Christmas,” Deputy Sanford reported.

Timmons was arrested for shoplifting, according to jail reports