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Man Attacks Local Couple

A 21-year-old man was sent to the hospital after he said he was attacked by his sister and her husband on Sunday night, according to Summerville Police reports.

Cops found Dakota Marks, of 940 Hwy. 48, bleeding from the mouth and appeared to be confused.

“Dakota explained that Russell Branch, 44, and his sister Kristen Williams have been living in the basement of the residence for approximately several months,” Officer Gary Pruitt reported.

Prior to Marks being attacked, his sister and her husband had been in a verbal argument. Marks interrupted the arguing couple and asked for a cigarette, according to a report.

“Russell [Branch] then immediately jumped over Dakota’s bed and punched Dakota in the mouth with a closed fist,” according to an incident report.

Chyanne Laney, Marks’ girlfriend, confirmed some of the details about the fight and added that she was also attacked  when trying to intervene.

“I observed Chyanne to have swelling and blood accumulated on her lips,” according to reports.  “Chyanne then explained that Kristen then jumped at her in an aggressive manner so she had to push Kristen away. Chyanne stated that Kristen then fell onto the floor as a result of being pushed.”

An ambulance took Marks to the hospital and Williams and Branch left before cops arrived. Later Officer Pruitt received a call from Branch who stated he was at a Martin Street residence and wanted to talk.

“Branch stated that he had discovered several of his personal items to be missing so he became angry,” Officer Pruitt reported.

Branch acknowledged he was asked for a cigarette, but added that Marks cursed him when he refused to give him one. Branch was arrested for simple battery under the family violence act.

Officer Lebron Jackson found Williams walking away from the residence toward Martin Street.

“[I] gave Ms. Williams several verbal commands to stop walking but she refused to comply. Ms. Williams began to cuss [me] stating, ‘. . .I’m not doing s*&% you tell me.’ [I] placed Ms. Williams under arrest,” Officer Jackson reported.

Williams allegedly confessed to punching Dakota’s girlfriend in the mouth, according to reports. Williams was also jailed.




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