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Column: Just A Thought

Just a Thought
Happy New Year! 2019, WOW it has gotten here so fast! Time keeps marching away, life truly is a short thing and that becomes truer as each of my years pass by. Hopefully, this year it will slow down and there will be plenty of time to get everything done that needs to be done. It’s probably not going to turn out true but doesn’t hurt to wish for it.
I always spend New Year’s Day thinking about the previous year and all the great memories that were made as well as all the milestones that were passed. It is also a day to dream about what is to come in the new year. Although it is just the day after yesterday, a new year always bring lots of hope for a new beginning. A fresh start for life and everyone can use a fresh start from time to time.
Used to, April and I, would host or attend a New Year’s blowout every year. It is funny how times have changed. These days we are lucky to make it to midnight and then we are usually in bed ten minutes later. It’s funny when I think about it. Last night we stayed home with some family members, played cards, laughed and enjoyed ourselves but all of us were ready for bed before midnight ever came. We somehow managed to stay awake but only lasted a few minutes after before calling it a night. Time has really changed us. Probably for the better in many ways.
I absolutely don’t miss staying up late, don’t miss feeling crappy the following day, and really don’t miss loud music and bad decisions. They all used to feel like fun but thankfully I survived those days and grew wiser from them. I never begrudge someone for wanting to have a good time, I’m just extremely thankful that is not the good times I long for anymore.
Nowadays, happiness is so much easier to find. A nice quiet dinner at home or on the town is a really good time. A day out shooting skeet or pistols, which we are about to do after I finish writing, can be some of the best times. Riding the golf cart around the house, or riding on the boat at the lake are almost heavenly. In short, the simple things in life have turned out to be the best. I’m just sad it took too many years to figure it out.
A lot of bad days could have been skipped over the years if I knew then what I know now. I suppose that is true for most people. Although life has regrets which I have many, I’m thankful for most of the things that have led me to here. I just often wish I hadn’t made so many mistakes over the years.
This new year I hope and pray for nothing but peace and happiness for every one of you as well as all my friends and family. I hope 2019 will be the best year ever for all of us!
With basketball and wrestling seasons half way over, it means spring sports will be here before we know it. A time when the flowers will start blooming, crops will be planted, graduation plans will be made, and excitement will fill the air with anticipation of the summer break. For all you seniors out there, don’t rush the time away dreaming of the end. Instead, savor each day you have left in school. The memories you are making now will last a lifetime.
Another thing to consider as your school days draw closer to the end is that life will never be simpler than it is right now so enjoy it to the fullest. No house payments, huge car payments, and utility bills are dragging you down. Most of you don’t have crying children to feed or demanding full time jobs to worry about. Life is short so enjoy the time you have where you are and let all the worry of everyday life wait until the time comes to ace them.
It’s just a thought but one worth thinking.

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