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Tags, Titles Can’t Be Processed At County Tax Office May 24-27

“For a little while, it’s going to slow us down,” Chattooga County Tax Commissioner Joy Hampton said about a planned shutdown of Georgia Department of Revenue computers.
The revenue department is switching from a “DOS” operating system to a modern Windows based variation.
This change will affect the tax office. Tags, titles and other items can’t be processed on May 24-27, Hampton said.
“Web renewals will also be unavailable during these days. If you have a May birthday, please try to renew early. Again, every tag office in Georgia will be affected during these times, but some may have varying hours for property tax payments. Please call your local office to confirm their availability before making a trip,” Hampton said.
“We appreciate your patience with us while we change systems. Continue to be patient with us as we work to learn the new system. My staff is impressively efficient with our current system, but it will take time for us to move through the new system with the same speed. As the whole state of Georgia is going live on the same day, it is best to wait until Wednesday, May 29 or later in the week to conduct your motor vehicle business so that we can give you the best service.”

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  1. Erik Mann on March 24, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    let me guess..that if your birthday happens to fall during this shutdown its not a valid reason to be late getting your tag sticker. best get it early or you can get a ticket if you wait until the system is back up. we have to abide by their needs, but we have to get it early or we face a fine.

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