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Summerville Woman Jailed After Violating Protective Order

A 36-year-old Summerville woman was arrested for violating a family protection order when she arrived at her ex-girlfriend’s apartment, according to police reports.

Lakeceia Thomas was granted a 12-month family violence protective order against Montoya S. Taylor last summer by a Chattooga County Superior Court judge. Taylor violated that order by showing up at Thomas’ apartment at Summerville Gardens. Officer Lebron Jackson arrived and Thomas asked him to remove Taylor.

“My ex-girlfriend has been stalking me by calling and showing up at my home and where ever I go in Summerville,” Thomas told the court. “I have tried to get safety from magistrate court, but after arresting Montoya Taylor, they would let her free and it would all start over again.”

Officer Jackson arrested Taylor for violating a temporary protective order on Monday, according to an incident report.

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