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Summerville Police Reports. . . .

According to Summerville Police incident reports:

* Robert LuAllen, of Hinton Street, said someone stole his Murray push mower from his backyard. The mower is valued at $50.

* Cherie Castro, 33, of Pine Hill Apartments, was arrested at Ingles for shoplifting last Thursday. “Castro” took numerous items and then concealed these items in her purse with the intent of leaving the store without paying for said items. Included in the items were food items, alcoholic beverages and produce items,” Summerville Policeman Steve Bates reported. Castro was charged with shoplifting and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, according to an incident report.

* Regina Styles Holt, of Northwest Congress Street, Summerville, said someone tried breaking into her apartment last Thursday. Her door was damaged at the lock. Nothing was noted missing.

* James Dixon, 24, of Scoggins Street, said his Play Station Pro 4 was damaged by someone he knows. The game console was being rented from Aaron’s Rent.


* Janet Murdock, of Marvin Avenue, said an intoxicated male knocked on her door and asked to have sex. She refused and called cops.

* Donna Crabtree, of Summerville, said a dark-colored SUV bumped into her vehicle while sitting at the traffic light at the intersection of Highland Avenue and Sixth Street on Saturday afternoon. The SUV driver pulled up next to Crabtree and asked her to meet him “somewhere up the road then pulled away.” She stayed at the traffic light and called 911. The other driver left the area before the cops arrived.

* Two children, 11 and 13 years-old, said they were harassed at the Summerville Cemetery around noon Saturday. A gold colored minivan approached them and a female occupant began making allegations that the juveniles took pictures of her van. The woman in the van then took pictures of the two children and then left.
* Chelsea Fraiser, of Taylor Street, said two dogs attacked her small white dog in her front yard. “I did see the small dog and the animal had received several bites and was bleeding very bad. Ms. Fraiser stated that one of the dogs was her neighbor’s dog,” Officer Lebron Jackson stated.

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