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Homeowner Defends Residence With Gun; Intruder Arrested

A homeowner held an unknown intruder at gunpoint until Summerville Police arrived to make an arrest around 6:25 p.m. Wednesday, according to police reports.

Phillip Jennings, of Cleghorn Street, was inside his home when an intoxicated stranger suddenly appeared inside.

“Upon arrival, Mr. Jennings advised that he held the male subject at gunpoint and ordered him to leave the residence. He stated that the male subject walked out of the house but stayed in the yard around the front porch and was speaking out of his head,” Officer Jo Stricklin stated.

Cops identified the alleged intruder as 56-year-old Charles Turner Jr., of 299 Scoggins Street, in Summerville.

“When asked what was going on, Mr. Turner stated that they (pointing as if someone was with him) wanted to come to the residence and that he knew the person that lived there,” Officer Stricklin said. “I advised Mr. Turner that he could not just enter people’s residence and that he could have been shot by the homeowner. Mr. Turner began speaking to his imaginary accomplices again. At that point, Mr. Turner was placed under arrested for public intoxication and loitering and prowling.”

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  1. Betty Jennings on May 2, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    Becareful keep your doors locked. You never know what can come into your house.and protect my grrgrd baby

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