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Victim Tracks Phone’s Location; Considers Pressing Charges

A Summerville woman is pondering whether to press charges against the person who took her cellphone on Sunday, according to city police reports.

Chloe Rosser lost her phone in the CVS parking lot around 4 p.m. She believed someone picked it up and left.

“When they attempted to track the phone by the lost phone app, they found that the phone was changing location. The last location the phone pinged at was at the Kangaroo Convenience Store located on Hwy. 114. When [Rosser] attempted to call the phone, it apparently was turned off by the individual and they [were then] unable to track the phone,” Officer David Westbrooks reported on Sunday.

The following day Rosser’s cellphone was turned back on and she started tracking it. The tracking information showed the phone was at a Summerville residence. Rosser then called the cops.

Cops went to the residence and talked with a middle-aged woman who admitted to being at CVS the same day as Rosser.

“When I asked [her[ did she find a cellphone that she was going to turn in and maybe had forgotten to, she replied, ‘No.’ Then she states that she doesn’t remember. [The woman] states that she has three iPhones and she will check and see if she may have picked up the wrong one,” Officer Phillip Cox stated.

The woman and officer went inside the house and retrieved an iPhone in a rose gold colored case from the woman’s bedroom.

“[The woman] then examined it and agreed that it wasn’t hers and said she must have picked it up by mistake. [The woman] then remembered when she pulled up at CVS that she opened her car door and observed the cellphone and that she thought it was hers and had fell out so she picked it up and put it in her car,” Officer Cox reported.

Rosser, however, doesn’t believe the story.

“[Rosser] states that she had sent several notifications to the phone and it was obvious that [the woman] had to have crossed them out and would have realized that it was not hers. [Rosser’s phone] also shows a screen photo of her and a relative as a screen page for the phone. [Rosser] was going to ponder the idea of pressing charges or not and would follow up with investigators on Monday if she decided to pursue it,” Officer Cox stated.

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